Karlo's Tattoo Studio

We are located in the city of Baños de Agua Santa, in the streets Rocafuerte and Eloy Alfaro esq. on the second floor.

Carlos Chávez its owner is a professional with more than 16 years of experience, designs and creates body art satisfying the desires of each client using a variety of techniques and styles his preferred are prehispanic art and realistic, in gray or full color.

Nationals and foreigners have gone through their study, this is divided into three areas that are: reception area, sterilization area and the area of intervention.

In Karlo's Tattoo Studio, we use biorganic pigments and disposable material for the safety of each client.

If you come to Baños de Agua Santa and are looking for a different activity or experience, visit Karlo's Tattoo Studio, we will gladly assist you to provide you with all the information you need for your new tattoo.



    • Realism
    • Prehispanic art
    • Geometric and Dotwork
    • Portraits
    • Traditional
    • Neotraditional
    • Tattoo Cover
    • (Black and Gray and Full Color)


    • Ears
    • Eyebrows
    • Nose
    • Septum
    • Tongue
    • Lips
    • Nipples
    • Belly button
    • Genitals
    • Surface
    • Microdermal
    • Expansions


    • Wifi
    • Reception area
    • Custom designs
    • Sterilization Area (autoclave)
    • Intervention Area
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Biorganic pigments
    • Disposable material
    • Variety of Accessories
    • Crafts and Silver Jewerly



    • Minimum: $ 60.00


    • From $ 15.00

Business Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00

Sunday and Monday:  Previous Appointment


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