The real Mexican food can only be found in Pancho Villa Restaurant, with excellent cuisine and typical Mexican dishes. Enjoy it yourself


    1. nachos
    2. Quesadillas
    3. pozole
    4. Mexican tray
    5. Tacos
    6. Chimichanga
    7. Fajitas
    8. Burritos
    9. Kids Menu
    10. Cafeteria
    11. Desserts
    12. Drinks


    1. Service to the Table
    2. Tourist information


    Discounts for groups

Business Hours

Monday: 13: 00-21: 30
Tuesday: 13: 00-21: 30
Wednesday: 13: 00-21: 30
Thursday: 13: 00-21: 30
Friday: 13: 00-21: 30
Saturday: 13: 00-21: 00
Domimgo: 13: 00-21: 00


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